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Whether your project is on a roadway or a runway, our paint trucks are equipped to paint multi-color long line or auxiliary markings. Griffin utilizes state of the art data logging systems that guarantee the appropriate amount of paint and glass bead have been applied while also monitoring surface and air temperature, humidity and vehicle speed. All of these conditions can affect your final product, so we constantly monitor them during application.

Griffin is also a leader in work zone pavement markings, handling difficult maintenance of traffic switches on freeways and roadways. Our crews work with the prime contractor to facilitate a smooth, timely traffic switch. Work zone traffic switches and runway threshold movements are time critical, so we staff the project correctly to meet your schedule.

Griffin has worked on airport runways for over twenty five years and has completed runways and taxiways on county airports as well as international airports. We have multiple truck capability which allows for more work installed during the tight timeframes that exist with airport work. Our largest truck holds one thousand gallons of paint so we can complete your runway painting fast without a lot of downtime. All of our trucks are equipped with video camera systems to ensure pin point accuracy with our installation.
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