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Since 1977, an ever-growing number of cities, townships, counties, and contractors have selected Griffin to meet their pavement striping needs. Today, as a leader our industry, our company proudly provides its customers with unparalleled customer service and the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure timely and value-added results.

Recent projects include:


  • Rickenbacker Airport - Griffin has been working at Rickenbacker on many projects over the years. From access ramp to taxiways, Griffin has become a leading professional in airport striping.
  • ODOT 110341 - This is a current project which began in the Fall of 2011. The job consists of temporary and permanent striping on IR-270 on the southwest side of Columbus, including the need for multiple lane shifts and waterblasting removal.
  • ODOT 030065 - Painted 1900 miles of edge lines, centerlines, and lane lines in ODOT District 11's seven counties.
  • ODOT 030108 - Painted 255 miles of road, forty-three of which were on new asphalt, in Preble County, Ohio.
  • Bolton Field Airport - Challenging project requiring a 2200 foot threshold displacement inside a six hour window. Removed threshold and repainted under tight time frames.

Extruded Thermoplastic

  • ODOT 110514 - Thermoplastic job in Mansfield, OH which consisted of long line extruded thermoplastic markings including the rest areas along the US-30 route.
  • Perimeter and Commerce "Roundabout" - Roundabouts have become one of the more challenging designs in roadway construction around Columbus, especially for striping. With our growing experience, Griffin is able to complete the unique striping patterns more efficiently each job.
  • Morse Road Reconstruction Project - Griffin has completed striping on many of the large reconstruction projects for the City of Columbus. One of the most notable projects we striped is Morse Road from Indianola Avenue to Karl Road, including removal and additional preformed thermoplastic. (Pictured left)
  • ODOT 980198, 028005, & 020035 - Completed these sections of Columbus's new IR-670.
  • ODOT 990318 - A + B Contract on 19 miles of freeway completed 2 days after pavers finished.
  • Britton Parkway - City of Hilliard, Ohio project including multiple roundabouts. (Pictured left)
  • Griffin applied "Pavement Tattoos" - The first markings of its kind in Ohio on the interstates around Columbus. (Pictured left)
  • ODOT 020488 - Resurfacing of 3.57 miles of IR-70 in the heart of downtown Columbus. A fifty-ton thermo project within the vicinity of ODOT's Headquarters was safely completed ahead of Griffin's schedule.

Spray Thermoplastic

  • ODOT 110084 - A spray thermoplastic project including various interstates and county roads in ODOT's District 5. The project incorporated nearly 300 miles of highways which was completed on time and within budget.
  • ODOT 110386 - A project which consisted of 75 miles of spray thermoplastic markings and various extruded thermoplastic markings on IR-70 in Fairfield and Licking counties.
  • Muskingum County Resurfacing - This is a job Griffin has been contracted on for the past few years. The program consists of various spray thermoplastic work throughout various highways in the county.

Marking Tapes

  • North High Street "Share the Road" Project - A project for the City of Columbus which consisted of placing nearly 200 sharrows "Shared Road Markings Symbols" along High Street, one of Columbus' busiest roads. The job ran from downtown Columbus into Clintonville; a 10 mile stretch of road.
  • ODOT 110002 - A diverse job in Allen County which consisted of paint markings and a large amount of various hot tape items.

High Friction Surfacing

  • ODOT 108055 - This was a high friction surfacing project on OH-257 in Delaware County at a treacherous curve near the Columbus Zoo.
  • ODOT 080638 - This project was our first high friction surfacing job located in Delaware County to provide additional traction upon a steep hill on OH-750.